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Our business was formed in partnership with L’Oréal Professional Products Division to graduate  a student that is best prepared for today’s salon needs.

Our graduates will be key contributors to the growth of the salon Industry nationwide. The SPEC Franchise Schools trained the students  to hit the ground running, have longevity and the skill to be top producers. By providing you with a growing team of brand-loyal stylists and future salon owners, SPEC’s bottom line goal is to grow Salon industry in every region of the country.  We are the fastest growing chain of cosmetology schools in the US, with [40] today, and a goal of reaching 100 schools within 5 years.

We are always happy to assist you in understanding why the SPEC school program is uniquely positioned to support the graduate by giving them the best skills sets to prepare  them for the industry. Again we are here to assist you and make it simple.