The purchase of a SPEC Franchise is subject to the execution of a franchise agreement. In order to qualify financially, you must have a strong credit score, meaningful liquid assets and the ability to be approved for a business loan to fund construction, equipment costs, and working capital requirements.

  • Initial Investment of $150K in equity or liquid cash
  • Initial Franchise Fee $39.5k (part of $150k)
  • After 6 months, our fee is $1,500 per month or 6% of Gross Sales
  • Once you receive Federal Financial Aid and meet the requirements, you can leverage your Financial Aid with multiple Franchise units

If you currently have a school and you are looking for systems and support, we will schedule a Trade Dress* call to give you an estimate of what this would take for your investment to become a branded school. Our goal is to work with you and assist you in the growth of your school.  We would work with you through the whole transformation process. Click the button below to apply and we can schedule a call.

*Trade Dress - The companies physical appearance, including it's design, signage and imagery. It also refers to the manner in which the school is labeled, presented, promoted, or advertised, including the use of distinctive graphics, configurations, and marketing strategies.  In other words, what would it take for your school to look "The Brand."


With the help from the SPEC team, we can then work with you on your career development plan and your exit plan. Fill out the questionnaire by clicking HERE. Let's see what this could look like for you!